A beautiful, warm and inviting foyer can give your guest a taste of things to come. You’ve worked so hard to create a home that reflects your sense of style and personality. Why not take cues from other rooms for interior design ideas to fill the space just inside the front door with a few pieces of furniture and decorative accessories that reflect the color palette and style of the rest of your home? A foyer should above all be welcoming, but at the same time its design can pique the interest of those who pass through it and cause them to wonder what interesting spaces are yet to be seen.

Black an White FoyerLa Dolce Vita (via)

An eclectic mix in this foyer says in this home you’ll find an interior design that merges the old with the new and the rustic with the refined to create a style that speaks to the unique personality of the homeowners.

Red FoyerSouthern Living (via)

This simple entryway shows strong historical roots in the stone wall, hand woven rug and wooden settee, but the fabrics and painting gives the space a colorful contemporary feel.

Mirrored FoyerDecorPad (via)

A beautiful faux finished wall provides the perfect backdrop for a stunning mix of mirrored and upholstered furnishings in this ornate foyer.

Striped FoyerDecorPad (via)

Taking a totally different design approach, this black and white entry is all about style, with bold stripes on the wall and sleek lines and crisp white piping on the upholstered armchairs. A few pops of blue add drama to the space and give away plenty of den design ideas.

Red and Black FoyerDecorPad (via)

Even more colorful is this contemporary transitional foyer that unexpectedly combines bold orange and white horizontal stripes on the walls with black and white chevron patterned drapes. The black drum pendant light is simple but stunning in this setting.

White FoyerDecorPad (via)

An appealing mixture of traditional and contemporary can be seen from the well loved rug on the floor to the ornate crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The furniture pieces, decorative accessories and wall art bring contemporary design into the space.

Traditional FoyersElle Decor (via)

Totally traditional, this apartment foyer celebrates the ornate style with wall coverings in a hand-painted design, antique mirror and chandelier. The deep blue color palette is complemented by the pops of red on the center table.

Pink and White FoyerElle Decor (via)

Another traditional foyer has an entirely different look. This one is light and airy with small pieces of furniture that seem to lift the space and open it up. A touch of the contemporary in the wall art draws the eye through the space and into the painting.